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The Mechanic's Mate

Diesel War Series - Book One - The Mechanic's Mate

Diesel War Series - Book One - The Mechanic's Mate

Abused and on the run, Sadie flees through the woods. For the first time in her life, she craves the blissful silence of nature. Her sire and mate is a monster who hid his inner evil all too well. Her skills as a mechanic now useless, intolerant to the noise and pollution of the city’s diesel engines thanks to her new were status, Sadie’s only hope is the ex-pack of the monster she escaped. But will they accept the diesel-head mate of a rogue?
Domek, the Blue Wolf alpha, has caught the scent of the rogue he’s sworn to hunt down. But he’s shocked to find it attached to a frail, damaged city girl, the most beautiful creature he has ever seen. The desire to take care of her is fierce . . . unexplainable.
How can he protect a woman who has tied the fate of her mortality to the life of a rogue he must destroy?


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Winner of Coffee Time Romance & More CTRR Award as a Recommended Read, and 5 cup review!
I adored this book, it started off with a bang and kept me riveted till the end. The world building was just stellar. It was a diesel world where mechanics and technology threatened the shifter existence, fueling a war that cleaves a rift between the races. The characters, even the secondary ones, were vivid and well-written. At first I was not too wild about the whole Dom/sub, light BDSM going on between Sadie and Domek, but the author made it work fitting nicely into the story, making it totally hot in the process. This story had a bit of everything, an enthralling romance, some twists and turns, a distinctive diesel punk world, shifters and weres, and well-drawn characters. - Llaph, Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More
"The world building is certainly not only what worked, but created an unforgettable gritty place that I will continue to visit. There is no doubt I will be reading the next installment in this series and I *hope* I know who it is about..." - Annie Slasher, Booked & Loaded
"Labeling this as one of my favorite reads of the year seems a little outlandish to me. But it is. It's the first story from a duo of writers, and I never saw them coming. I didn't have any idea of what to expect. I purposely didn't read the blurbs or previous reviews because I wanted to read them "clean". I've met them. I think they are great gals... but again, I never saw them coming." - Kathryn
"Loved this book. I like an unusual world and this book has one. I have read steampunk and weres before but I really liked the spin on the concepts in this story. A good strong heroine with an alpha hero." - Deborah L Coombs
"Absolutely awesome novel! The Mechanic’s Mate is the first in a series and I can't wait to read more..It is filled with romance, a little BDSM and more. It is captivating and keeps you intrigued the entire time with some twists you never see coming. It is difficult to put down once you start reading and you will want to know more. I would rave more but I don't want to spoil anything...." - pedrn13
"FANTASTIC! The Mechanic’s Mate is the first in a series and a debut novel by the team of Mikea Howard. This book is filled with twists and turns and a heck of a romance. This is a vivid world with Diesel Punk, Shifters and Weres. The secondary characters rocked. There is some BDSM and some sweet loving. I was absolutely blown away and can’t wait for the next installment. You will want to pick this one up. I did." - D. Antonio, In My Humble Opinion