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Ok, so we're done. Now what?

We'd constantly check our word count to see how much further we'd gotten. Were we at our desired word count yet? No? 'Sigh'  Fine, back to rereading the entire story yet again to see what it's missing. After repeating that process many, many times, we finally reached our desired word count and decided we were done. But then that brought up the question, "Ok, so we're done. Now what?" leaving us unsure of the answer.

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Co-writing Logistics

What process are we going to use to co-write this thing? Were we going to just have one MS Doc that we emailed back and forth, adding any new things that our muses fed to us? But what if we both had ideas, but they conflicted on our imaginary timeline? Do we do what our author friend and her co-writing partner do, and write via a chat application?

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And thus the adventure began...

I thought, "Ok, here we go!" as I mentally cracked my knuckles. Then I sat there and just stared at the blank area of the document, sure I would fill it instantly with exciting prose...only to have nothing come to me. My mind was utterly blank. Two characters just standing there, in the woods. I saw nothing beyond what Kelly had provided.

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