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Help! Jane, stop this crazy thing!

Kelly and I have been on a wild ride this summer, and I'm starting to feel like George Jetson stuck on the electric treadmill. 

Not only do we have a novella for the Soul Mate Tree Collective due at the end of this month, but we still have to finish book three of the Diesel War Series. However, we just got back from a week in Savannah Georgia where we did double duty as featured authors and key volunteer staff at the Authors After Dark convention. Did I mention that we also had the second book in the series, The Seer's Secret, release during the week we were gone? 

*spins like a tornado, and collapses to the floor*

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Ok, so we're done. Now what?

We'd constantly check our word count to see how much further we'd gotten. Were we at our desired word count yet? No? 'Sigh'  Fine, back to rereading the entire story yet again to see what it's missing. After repeating that process many, many times, we finally reached our desired word count and decided we were done. But then that brought up the question, "Ok, so we're done. Now what?" leaving us unsure of the answer.

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