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Help! Jane, stop this crazy thing!

Kelly and I have been on a wild ride this summer, and I'm starting to feel like George Jetson stuck on the electric treadmill.

Not only do we have a novella for the Soul Mate Tree Collective due at the end of this month, but we still have to finish book three of the Diesel War Series. However, we just got back from a week in Savannah Georgia where we did double duty as featured authors and key volunteer staff at the Authors After Dark convention. Did I mention that we also had the second book in the series, The Seer's Secret, release during the week we were gone? 

*spins like a tornado, and collapses to the floor*

I guess what I'm trying to say is, we're sorry if you've felt neglected. We never intended to put this blog on the back burner, but our sanity required it. The good news is soon we will be back to entertain you with our off the wall encounters during our co-writing journey. I've gotta say, thoughtful and humorous posts were easier before we signed our publishing contract. *grin*

Well, no more delay, let's get on with this show! Here's what we've been up to.

New Release

Book two in the Diesel War Series is now available in ebook. The Seer's Secret will take you further into the world of the Animal Gang as we follow Molly on a journey of finding out who she really is, and if she can give herself to the man who adores her.

Authors After Dark

Although the convention didn't officially start until Wednesday, August 3rd, Kelly and I arrived on Sunday. We didn't have to put on our author hats quite yet. The next three days would be devoted to our roles as volunteer staff members. You see, Kelly and I have been giving a week of our time to the Authors After Dark convention since 2010.

This year proved bittersweet for us. It was our first year as Featured Authors, but the last year of the convention. Kelly and I decided to go out with a bang, making sure the readers would remember the name Mikea Howard long after they left Savannah. On Thursday night we threw a Dieselpunk Riverboat Cruise for 75 of our readers.

Savannah Riverboat Cruises treated us like royalty. Not only did they put us on their biggest boat that carries 500 passengers, but they gave us the entire boat to ourselves. If you find yourself in Savannah, their lunch and dinner cruises are a MUST. Better yet, if you need a corporate/convention/team building event call them. Deborah Bouchea was a dream to work with. 

The talented Savannah Swing Cats joined us to keep the Dieselpunk vibe alive during the cruise. Here are some pictures of the fun. They are a combination of pictures from our readers, and professional shots from the talented Ash Art and Design. Our outfits were custom designed by the amazing Lori Ann Costume Designs.

It took months of planning, Amazon shopping and fabric painting, but we also let our creative sides come out in the Dieselpunk outfits we wore every day of the convention. Kelly and I wear it, because we love it. Nothing makes you feel more dillinger than darby threads.

On The Horizon

What's next for the two of us? As I mentioned above we are busy writing like maniacs to finish the novella, Soul Song, for a collection of short stories we are blessed to be a part of.

The Soul Mate Tree . . .
An ancient legend spanning eras, continents, and worlds.
To some, it’s nothing more than a dream.
To others, a pretty fairy tale handed down through the generations.
For those in critical need of their own happy ending, a gift.

Dottie thought she had it all: a successful singing career, a handsome fiance, and a starlet’s wardrobe. Sudden betrayal brought it all crashing down around her. Those she trusted most played her as nothing more than a pawn. One misstep while fleeing the scene trapped her in another world alone, save a mysterious visitor.

Guatimozin, an eagle shifter, has spent ages assisting people through the realm between life and death, leading them to join loved ones on either side. No one had ever made him want anything for himself until he discovered this city girl.

Forces plot against them and time is short. Soon, the chance to build their connection will be too late.

The adventure starts January 2017. 

Finally, we are also working on book three of the Diesel War Series, The Ambassador's Anchor. We've already had a look at the cover, and it's magnificent! We can't wait to reveal it on our Facebook page in a few months.

So until then, sit back, relax, and enjoy reading!

Mikea Howard

(Blog post authored by Mindy Howard)