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Author of The Diesel War series

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- C -


C: $100, a pair of Cs = $200

Cabbage: Money

Caboose: Jail

Cahoots: Working together

Cake Basket : A limousine

Cake-Eater : A wearer of tight clothes, belted coat with spearlike lapels and one button, sausage trousers, low quick fitting collar, greenish pink shirt; and one of those jazzbo ties that gives you the giggles; a sissy; a harmless lounge lizard

Call copper: Inform the police

Can: Jail, Car

Can house: Bordello

Can-opener: Safecracker who opens cheap safes

Canary: Wo singer

Cancelled Stamp : A wallflower

Carry a Torch: Suffering from an unrequited love

Case dough: Nest egg

Cast an eyeball: look around

Cat: Man

Cat's Meow: Something splendid or stylish

Cat's Pajamas: term of endearment as in "I think you are really really cool"

Cat's Particulars : The acme of perfection; anything that's good

Catnip: Great; Super; used primarily by werecat breeds

Cellar Smeller : A young man who always turns up where liquor is to be had without cost

Century: $100

Cheaters: Sunglasses

Cheese it: Put things away, hide

Chew: Eat

Chicago lightning: gunfire

Chicago overcoat: Coffin

Chick: Woman

Chilled off: Killed

Chin: Conversation

chinning: talking

Chin music: Punch on the jaw

Chinese squeeze: Grafting by skimming profits off the top

Chippy: Woman of easy virtue

Chisel: To swindle or cheat

Chiv: Knife, "a stabbing or cutting weapon"

Chopper squad: Men with machine guns

Chrome-dome: word for a bald headed man

Chump: person marked for a con or a gullible person

City slicker: dandy from the city

Clammed: Close-mouthed (clammed up)

Clean sneak: An escape with no clues left behind

Clip joint: In some cases, a nightclub where the prices are high and the patrons are fleeced

Clipped: Shot

Close your head: Shut up

Clothesline : One who tells neighborhood secrets

Clout: Shoplifter

Clubhouse: Police station

Cooking with gas: doing well

Con: Confidence game, swindle

Conk: Head

Cool: To knock out

Cooler: Jail

Cop: Detective, even a private one

Copped, to be: Grabbed by the cops

Copper: Policeman

Corn: Bourbon ("corn liquor")

Corn-shredder : Young man who dances on lady's feet

Corny: unimportant, passé

Crab: Figure out

Crabhanger : Reformer

Crasher : Anyone who comes to parties uninvited

Crashing Party : Party where several young men in a group go uninvited

Crate: Car

Creep: despicable person

Crepe Hanger : Reformer

Croak: To kill

Croaker: Doctor

Crumb Gobbler : Slightly sissy tea hound

Crush: An infatuation

Crushed out: Escaped (from jail)

Cuddle-cootie : Young man who takes a girl for a ride on a bus

Cuddler : One who likes petting

Cut a rug: dance

Cut down: Killed

Cutting yourself a piece of cake : Making yourself wait patiently