Mikea Howard

Author of The Diesel War series

Website of Mikea Howard, author of the dieselpunk paranormal erotic romance series The Diesel War

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Sap: A dumb guy, See "floorflusher." 

Sap poison: Getting hit with a sap

Savvy: Get me? Understand?

Sawbuck: $10 bill (a double sawbuck is a $20 bill)

Scandal : A short term for Scandal Walk

Scandaler : A dance floor fullback. The interior of a dreadnaught hat, Piccadilly shoes with open plumbing, size 13

Scat (as in 'Oh Scat'): Shit

Scene: situation

Schnozzle: Nose

Scram (out): Leave

Scratch: Money

Scratcher: Forger

Seetie : Anybody a flapper hates

Send over: Send to jail

Shamus: (Private) detective

Share crop: sexually promiscuous girl

Sharpshooter : One who spends much and dances well

Sharper: A swindler or sneaky person

Sheba: A woman with sex appeal

Sheik: A man with sex appeal

Shells: Bullets

Shifter : A grafter

Shiv: Knife

Show Case : Rich man's wife with jewels

Shylock: Loanshark

Shyster: Lawyer

Sing: Make a confession

Sip : Flapper term for female Hopper

Sister: Woman

Skate around: To be of easy virtue

Skid rogue: A bum who can't be trusted

Skirt: Woman

Slant, Get a: Take a look

Slat : See "Highjohn"; "Goof"

Sleuth: Detective

Slimp : Cheapskate or "one way guy"

Slug: a bullet or to knock unconscious

Smith Brothers : Guys who never cough up

Smoked: Drunk

Smoke Eater : A girl cigarette user

Smooth: good, agreeable, Guy who does not keep his word

Snake : To call a victim with vampire arms

Snake-charmer : A female bootlegger

Snap a cap: Shout, or get angry

Snatch: Kidnap

Sneeze: Take

Snitch: An informer, or to inform

Snooper: Detective

Snugglepup : A man fond of petting and petting parties

Soak: To pawn

Sod Buster : An undertaker

Soitently: Sure!

Sock: Punch

Soup: Nitroglycerine

Soup job: To crack a safe using nitroglycerine

Speakeasy: An illicit bar selling bootleg liquor

Spiffy: Looking elegant

Spill: Talk, inform

Spinach: Money

Spitting: Talking

Spread Out!: Get out of the way! Give me some room! Stop crowding me!

Square: Honest

Squeeze: a female companion or girlfriend

Squirt metal: Shoot bullets

Stander : Victim of a female grafter

Static : Conversations that mean nothing

Statts : Conversation that means nothing

Step off: To be hanged

Stiff: A corpse

Stilts : Legs

Sting: Culmination of a con game

Stompers: shoes

Stool-pigeon: Informer

Stoolie: Stool-pigeon

Strangler : What a spendthrift isn't

Striders: trousers

Strike Breaker : A young woman who goes with her friend's "Steady" while there is a coolness.

Stuck On: Having a crush on

Stutter-tub : Motor boat

Sucker: Someone ripe for a grifter's scam

Sugar: Money

Swan : Glide gracefully

Swanky: Ritzy

Sweetie : Anybody she hates

Swell: Wonderful