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Author of The Diesel War series

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Gaia’s Teats: Severe curse for extreme aggravation, used by all Were/Shifter breeds

Gal: Woman

Gams: A Woman’s Legs

Gammin': strutting, showing off

Gander : Process of duding up

Gas: either a good time or something that was really funny

Gasper: Cigarette

Gat: Gun

Get Sore: Get mad

Get in a lather: Get mad

Getaway sticks: Legs

Giggle juice: Liquor

Giggle Water: Liquor

Gimlet : A chronic bore

Gin mill: Bar

Ginned up: dressed up

Give Your Knee : Cheek-to-cheek or toe-to-toe dancing

Given the Air : When a girl or fellow is thrown down on a date

Glad rags: Fancy clothes

Glaum: Steal

Goat's Whiskers : See "Cat's Particulars"

Gobbledygook: double talk, long speech

God’s Antlers (By the): I’ll be damned; Extreme surprise; used by the God’s Were/Shifter breeds

God’s Sake, as in 'Oh for'Explanation of frustration used by the God’s Were/Shifter breeds

Goddess’ Sake, as in 'Oh for': Explanation of frustration used by the Goddess’ Were/Shifter breeds

Gone with the wind: run off (with the money)

Goof : A flapper's sweetheart

Goofy: Crazy, To be in love with, or attracted to. Example: "I'm goofy about Jack."

Goog: Black eye

Goon: Thug

Gooseberry lay: Stealing clothes from a clothesline

Got your boots on: understand what's happening

Gowed-up: On dope, high

Grab (a little) air: Put your hands up

Graft: Con jobs or cut of the take

Grand: $1000

Grandstand: to show off

Green Glorious : Money and checks

Grift: Confidence game, swindle

Grifter: Con man

Grilled: Questioned

Grotty: new but useless

Ground grippers: shoes

Grubber : One who always borrows cigarettes

Grubstake : Invitation to dinner

Grummy : In the dumps, shades or blue

Gumshoe: Detective

Gumshoeing: Detective work

Gun for: Look for, be after

Guns: Pickpockets, Hoodlums

Guy: a man