Mikea Howard

Author of The Diesel War series

Website of Mikea Howard, author of the dieselpunk paranormal erotic romance series The Diesel War

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Face Stretcher : Old maid who tries to look younger

Fade: Go away, get lost, leave

Fakeloo artist: Con man

Fall Guy: Victim of a frame

Fathead: stupid or foolish person

Father Time : Any man over 30 years of age

Feathers: Light conversation

Fella: a man

Fifth avenue: high class

Fig leaf : One piece bathing suit

Fin: $5 bill

Finale hopper : Young man who arrives after all the bills are paid

Finder: Finger man

Finger, Put the finger on: Identify

Fire alarm : A divorced woman

Fire Bell : Married woman

Fire Extinguisher : A chaperone

Flaming Youth: Male counterpart to a flapper

Flap : Girl

Flapper: A stylish, brash young woman with short skirts and shorter hair

Flat Tire: A dull-witted or disappointing date.

Flat Shoes : Fight between a Flapper and her Goof

Flattie: Flatfoot, cop

Flatwheeler : A poor young man who takes girls to free affairs

Flimflam: Swindle

Flip your wig: to lose control of yourself

Flippers: Hands

Flivver: A Ford automobile

Flogger: Overcoat

Floorflusher : Inveterate dance hound

Flop: Go to bed or fallen through, not worked out

Flophouse: A cheap transient hotel where a lot of men sleep in large rooms

Flour Lover : Girl who powders too freely

Fluky : Funny, odd, peculiar; different

Fog: To shoot

Forty-Niner : Man who is prospecting for a rich wife

Frail: Woman

Frau: Wife

Frog's Eyebrows : Nice, fine

Frolic: dance

Frolic pad: nightclub

Fry: To be electrocuted

Fuddy-Duddy: old-fashioned person

Full Moon: Mild expletive used by werewolves

Full Moon and the Night Sky: Extreme expletive, used by wolves

Fuzz: police