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Author of The Diesel War series

Website of Mikea Howard, author of the dieselpunk paranormal erotic romance series The Diesel War

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Babe: Woman

Baby: A person, can be said to either a man or a woman

Bangtails: Racehorses

Bank's Closed : No petting allowed; no kisses

Barlow : A girl, a flapper, a chicken

Barber: Talk

Barney : A scanal walker

Barney-mugging: Sex

Bathtub: motorcycle sidecar

Be on the nut: To be broke

Bean-picker : One who tries to patch up trouble

Bean-shooter: Gun

Beef: Problem

Bee's Knees: An extraordinary person, thing or idea

Beezer: Nose

Behind the eight ball: In a difficult position, in a tight spot

Bell Polisher : A young man addicted to lingering in vestibules at 1 a.m.

Bent Cars: Stolen cars

Berries : Great

Berry Patch : A man's particular interest in a girl

Big Cheese, Big Shot - The boss: Someone of importance and influence

Big House: Jail

Big One: Death

Big Sleep: Death

Big Timer : (n. masc.) : A charmer able to convince his sweetie that a jollier thing would be to get a snack in an armchair lunchroom; a romantic

Billboard : Flashy man or woman

Bim: Woman

Bindle: the bundle in which a hobo carries all his worldly possessions

Bindle punk or bindle stiff: Chronic wanderers, migratory harvest workers, and lumber jacks.
Bing: Jailhouse talk for solitary confinement

Bird: Man

Biscuit : A pettable flapper

Bit: Prison sentence

Blaah : No good

Blip off: To kill

Blouse : To go

Blow: Leave, Wild party

Blow one down: Kill someone

Blower: Telephone

Bluenose: A prude.

Blushing Violet : A publicity hound

Bo: Pal, buster, fellow.

Boiler: Car

Boob: Dumb guy

Boob-tickler : Girl who has to entertain her father's customers from out of town

Boozehound: Drunkard

Bop: To kill

Bounce: to leave

Box: A safe or a bar

Box job: A safecracking

Brace (somebody): Grab, shake up

Bracelets: Handcuffs

Brainchild: someone’s creative idea

Break it up: Stop that, quit the nonsense

Breeze: To leave, breeze off: get lost

Broad: Woman

Brooksy : Classy dresser

Bruno: Tough guy, enforcer

Brush Ape : Anyone from the sticks; a country Jake

Bucket: Car

Bulge, The: The advantage

Bulls: Plainclothes railroad cops; uniformed police; prison guards

Bum's rush, To get the: To be kicked out

Bump (Off): Kill

Bump Gums: To talk about nothing worthwhile

Bun Duster : See "Cake Eater"

Bunny: to chat

Burn powder: Fire a gun

Bush Hounds : Rustics and others outside of the Flapper pale

Bust : A man who makes his living in the prize ring, a pugilist

Butt me : Give me a cigarette

Butter and egg man: The money man, the man with the bankroll, a yokel who comes to town to blow a big wad in nightclubs

Button: Face, nose, end of jaw

Button man: Professional killer

Buttons: Police

Butts: Cigarettes

Buzz: Looks person up, comes to persons door

Buzzer: Policeman's badge