Mikea Howard

Author of The Diesel War series

Website of Mikea Howard, author of the dieselpunk paranormal erotic romance series The Diesel War

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Daisy: None too masculine

Dame: Woman

Dance: To be hanged

Dangle: Leave, get lost

Dapper : A flapper's father

Darb: An excellent person or thing (as in "the Darb" - a person with money who can be relied on to pay the check), Gink with a roll of coin

Darby: something good

Daylight, as in "fill him with daylight": Put a hole in, by shooting or stabbing

Dead hoofer: poor dancer

Deck, as in "deck of Luckies": Pack of cigarettes

Derrick: Shoplifter

Dewdropper : Young man who does not work, and sleeps all day

Dib: Share (of the proceeds)

Dick: Detective (usually qualified with "private" if not a policeman)

Dig: like

Dillinger: fantastic

Di Mi : Goodness

Dimbox : A taxicab

Dincher : A half-smoked cigarette

Dingle Dangler : One who insists on telephoning

Dingus: Thing

Dip: Pickpocket

Dip the bill: Have a drink

Dipe Ducat : A subway ticket

Dish: Pretty woman

Dive: A low-down, cheap sort of place

Dive-ducat : Subway ticket

Dog Kennels : Pair of shoes

Dizzy with a dame, To be: To be deeply in love with a woman

Do the dance: To be hanged

Dogs: Feet

Doll: girl

Doll dizzy: girl crazy

Dope fiend: Drug addict

Dope peddler: Drug dealer

Dough: Money

Drag a hoof: dancer

Drape: clothes, suit

Drift: Go, leave

Drill: Shoot

Drop a dime: Make a phone call, sometimes meaning to the police to inform on someone

Droppers: Hired killers

Dropping the Pilot : Getting a divorce

Drugstore Cowboy: a guy that hangs around on a street corner trying to pick up girls

Drum: Speakeasy

Dry-gulch: Knock out, hit on head after ambushing

Duchess: girl

Duck soup: Easy, a piece of cake

Duck's Quack : The best thing ever

Ducky : General term of approbation

Ducky shincracker: a good dancer

Dud : A wall flower

Dudding Up : Dressing

Dummerer: Someone who pretends to be deaf and/or dumb to appear a more deserving beggar

Dumbbell : Wall flower with little brains

DumbDora: a stupid female

Dumkuff : General term for being "nutty" or "batty"

Dump: Roadhouse, club; or, more generally, any place

Dust out: Leave, depart